Over 60 years ago, the first company in Pinthong Group was first established. Today Pinthong Group consists of 23 companies in 4 business units with the total registered capital of 2,200 million baht.  

Over 60 years ago, the first company in Pinthong Group was first established as a small metal trading business in the "Mahaprutharam" area. With the belief that the business still has plenty of room to grow as well as the need of the business to be adjusted as the traditional trading system through middle man were saturated, the new marketing and sales strategies were adopted. Metal products were then imported to sell locally without the middle man. From then, the company has expanded to not only trade, but also manufacture, process as well as produce semi-goods to serve the growing demand of the market. Today Pinthong Group consists of 23 companies in 4 business units, including Steel & Metal business unit, Industrial Parts business unit, Real Estate & Warehouse business unit and Transportation & Car Rental business unit, with the total registered capital of more than 2,200 million baht and employs more than 1,800 people. With our solid foundation, we are still moving forward and be ready for any new business venture to come. The history can speak for itself as you can see from our development below.  

Year 1940: Founded "Liang-Huat" Shop
Mr. Seng Sae-Pueng (Mr. Pira Patamavorakulchai's father) and his associates had founded "Laing-Hword" Shop at 351-353 Mahaprutharam road, Bangruk, Bangkok to import various kind of steels and metals for local distribution.

Year 1964: Change the name to "Pueng-Liang-Huat" Limited Partnership
After Mr. Seng Sae-Pueng passed away, Mrs. Lao Sae-Pueng (Mr. Pira Patamavorakulchai's mother) continued the business and changed the name to Pueng-Liang-Huat Limited Partnership. At that time, the business started to import the iron plate without passing through the middle man.

Year 1970: Founded Pinthong Import Limited Partnership
With years of experience and great vision, Mr. Pira Patamavorakulchai (President) and his family noticed the opportunity to expand metal business in Thailand. Pinthong Import Limited Partnership was then setup to import all kinds of steels and iron plates. The company also purchased the metal processed machine to partially assemble semi-products in-house.

Year 1978: Founded jutha wan metal Ltd.
With the growth of the business, jutha wan metal Ltd. was then established as the first limited company with the purpose to expand the market base. Many other companies were also later founded under the name of "Pinthong Group".

Year 1979: "Pinthong Import Limited Partnership" Change the name to "Pinthong Steel Company Limited"
Pinthong Steel Company Limited Has maintained its renowned reputation as a front-line Service Center, processing, stocking and distributing various grades of steel sheets and coils as well as cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, hot dip galvanized, electro galvanized steel, Aluminized steel, Tool steel, Alloy steel, Steel strapping, Cutting service and Heat-treatment service under the name of "Pinthong Group".