Over 60 years ago, the first company in Pinthong Group was first established. Today Pinthong Group consists of 23 companies in 4 business units with the total registered capital of 2,200 million baht.  

In the business world, continuous and steady development in all aspects of the organization including day-to-day business operation, marketing as well as human resources are the crucial keys to success. Businesses and organizations in Pinthong Group are among many of Thailand enterprises, which have gone through and survived years of economic crisis and severed business competition by strictly held on to our mission "Constantly improving customer satisfaction and increasing value-added service are the first priority of the business, no matter which business we are in or what type of service we provide." With this mission, today Pinthong Group has grown and flourished into one of Thailand's leading business group by embracing the progressive management and manufacturing policies, utilizing the cutting-edge technologies, as well as caring for the wellness of every single person in the organizations. Pinthong's management policies cover 3 main critical aspects as follow:

1. Business Operation Policy "Honesty, Morality and Punctuation". Creating trust within the organization and with customers. Listening to ideas and comments from every layers of the business to be able to response quickly to customer's individual needs. Focusing to develop high-quality products as well as to deliver on-time products and services.

2. Marketing Policy "Never Stop Improving". Always on top of the business waves and looking for new opportunities in order to gain the highest market share possible. At the same time, be ready to give back to share holders and communities.

3. Human Resources Policy "Believe in people of Pinthong Family" Believe that everybody in Pinthong group is equally important to contribute to success of the business. The organization in Pinthong group must realize the importance of man resources and utilize their abilities to the highest level as well as encourage their participation in the organization. The organization should also provide the appropriate compensation and welfare, give the new opportunities and improve person's potential as well as assure person's right and equality in the organization.